I was fortunate to have met two clairvoyants during my early days of writing. This chance association developed into an interest in occult and ancient religious philosophies for me. I combined this interest into a set of short stories and included the content of the philosophy and psychology subjects I formally studied  at the University of New England. What you are about to read is a collection of short stories dripping mystery created by supernatural influences located in a beautiful geographical location in the best of human times.


“In The Cards” is a collection of stories set in nineteen sixty eight in Newcastle, just north of Sydney, Australia. Cassie works with her partner Ellie, in a coffee shop called “The Seventh House.” As a sideline to the main business, Cassie operates a TAROT card reading practice at the rear of the shop.

Reading the cards is tricky enough and Cassie sometimes wonders if she has the special intuition to read accurately what they foretell. With the support of her two main friends, Ellie and Jack, she delves into the mysteries that are sometimes prompted by the cards.

It was the time of the “British Invasion” in music, Mini Minor motor cars, “Hair” and “The Beatles” in music. They had the hippie era, the Vietnam War, mini-skirts, knee-high boots and psychedelic clothes. Life was slower and more innocent but just as mysterious.

Come. Join Cassie as she asks those most ancient of questions:

Can every-day mysteries be solved by applying the occult arts?

Can foretelling the future improve our lives?

Is fate determined, or can it be changed?

Is there meaning to life, or are we simply dandelions in the wind?

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